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Magic/Blade – Notes from an Arena Onlooker

Magic/Blade - Notes from an Arena OnlookerMagic/Blade – Notes from an Arena Onlooker by J.D. Camacho
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Magic/Blade was a very interesting read. J.D. Camacho has created a fictional world filled with paranormal fighters, almost akin to the world of boxing or MMA. He recounts throughout the book the fights that brought the heroes of this world to greatness, and the fights that brought these heroes to their knees in defeat. By telling the story through the eyes of a somewhat partial scribe hired to cover the fights, the reader is able to view this world with spectacular impartiality, seeing the greats’ rise and fall with no need to look for a hero or villain in any one character. Taking paranormal characters like orcs, giants, halflings, and elves and placing them within the confines of arena fighting, the reader is able to marvel at the strength of these types of characters as they fight one another, seeing them as pure fighters and not the conduits of evil most of them are portrayed as in various fantasy novels. While the story can be slow in some parts, it is definitely worth reading all the way to the end.

**DISCLAIMER: I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review.**

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