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Can audio books be upgraded?

I have listened to a few audio books, and while the people reading these books do an overall good job, I am feeling like I am missing something. I would love a Lux Radio kind of situation, where the book comes to life through multiple voices emoting the words not just reading them. It would be awesome to hear laughing when it is written that a character should laugh, or yelling when a character should yell. And with all the characters that show up in most books, it would be great to hear unique voices bring each character to life. Not every book is going to be made into a Hollywood spectacular, or a SyFy phenomenon. Having a series like S. J. West’s Watchers Series, or Catherine Bybee’s Weekday Bride Series, come to life through many voices — giving the author’s words and the worlds they create justice — would be so much fun to listen to.

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