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The Jewel (Lone City series)

the jewel









This book was amazing to read. I have read the Selection series by Kiera Cass, and Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, and while those series are phenomenal, The Lone City series stands out because it puts you in the shoes of someone who has absolutely no control over their life, and the hopelessness and fear that that entails. Violet Lasting has everything taken from her, and is trained to live a life of complete servitude and subservience. Amy Ewing does an outstanding job in creating a character who pushes against what was taught to her. Violet allows the fear she feels, in being forced to give up her complete identity and desires, to drive her and keep her from being brainwashed by the political propaganda that is constantly fed to her for years. By believing that she has a choice in her life, Violet begins to break down an already broken and corrupt system. She is surrounded by people who fuel her desire to see change, her best friend Raven, lady-in-waiting Lucien, and the boy she was never meant to love, Ash. This book is a must read. From beginning to end, it does not disappoint.


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